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Online Tuition


Don’t you think it’s high time we should get our children rid of the heavy school bags and all the unnecessary toil that goes around an assignment? We can indeed help our children with greater opportunities to learn and practice their interests. With the help of Fliplearn Online tuition classes, we can actually schoolchildren study and succeed from home, without having to go out for tuition classes.

With the help of instructional technology, educational settings are becoming more prominent, which is eventually helping in expanding beyond industry and higher education into the K-12 environment. Programs offering online tuition services provide benefits beyond just instructional support. For example, online tuition programs like ours offer a combination of effective features of traditional tutoring, like research-based curricular resources and trained/qualified tutors, with synchronized supplemental coaching that can help students.

In past few years, the online mathematics tuition has surfaced as an effective approach to support student accomplishment in mathematics. They exhibited better and improved mathematics problem solving capability after receiving the online tuition.

Online Tuition or Educational Technology

Ever wondered what kind of technology would be required to aid the online tuition or learning? Most learning management systems (LMSs) used for online courses simply require a high-speed Wi-Fi connection, a laptop with a webcam, a set of earphones and depending on the program, a phone to dial in.

In recent years, educational technology has modified and upgraded several times, enabling online tuition or programs to be better and good enough to serve us in the 21st century. The hardware has been upgraded and customized according to various learning needs. From built-in cameras to microphones, and web 2.0 version that allows students discussions and exams. These are the basic technical requirement to access online programs such as online tuitions for any subject.

Online Tuition- The Future of Education

Virtual Live Classes

The traditional form of online learning was static, which had most of the course in writing, and videos or other interactive content were all restricted to personalized use. But now times have changed and an engaging online program allows live classes to facilitate real-time discussions on a high-quality and easy-to-use platform.

Live classes provide children the ability to:

  • NCERT/ICSE syllabus
  • CBSE/ICSE sample papers and question papers
  • Video lessons
  • Maths worksheets
  • Lessons in PDF format
  • Syllabus and exam blueprints
  • Important questions for board exams
  • Revision notes

Another great way to learn is the ability to break out into groups for discussion. Group projects may be referred to in-person in the classroom, but a good learning management system should allow for instant, randomized creation of small groups for discussion.

A Good Learning Management System (LMS)

The online tuitions studies/classes/courses are made possible through the learning management systems (LMS), which are the software application platforms that deliver educational technology content. That content should be assorted, including videos, pictorial lessons like charts, slides, or files of the teacher’s live session and links to reading material.

A good LMS is used for live sessions and is the key to making things easy for the teacher, who needs to quickly share media without technical issues. Students, too, will want a simple, reliable system for contributing their own notes, discussion threads, and most importantly, tests and assignments.

A good LMS is used for live sessions and is the key to making things easy for the teacher, who needs to quickly share media without technical issues. Students, too, will want a simple, reliable system for contributing their own notes, discussion threads, and most importantly, tests and assignments.

Familiarizing yourself with a good LMS platform and ensure benefits of the online tuition learning. This not just reduces errors while working with the system, but also help you save time, add diverse study material, and find insightful information, that is generally impossible to find in a traditional classroom study.

Advantages of Online Tuition or having an Online Teacher

The online tuition is not a recent idea, but has been around for a while now. It is just that it has not grabbed much attention by the parents and students. The virtual nature of online tuition was one of the reasons why it lacked recognition in the past. But, the times have changed now. Meeting a tutor online comes with various benefits. Online tutoring provides a number of advantages that make it superior to the conventional method of tutoring in many ways.

A few of them are listed below:

Student Motivation

Some children and their parents may find asynchronous online study engaging, as they can explore the material whenever they feel the freshest and productive. The instant grading tools, generally used in the online tuitions, enable students to test their knowledge and get immediate results.

Fewer pressures on Limited space

Online education can reduce pressure on the educational institutional facilities by freeing up classrooms.

Convenience and Flexibility

The online tuitions allow a lot of conveniences to the students and teachers, both. Students can study on their own time, with ease, at their own pace. This flexibility allows students to balance their school, work, and family commitment and enables them to access more courses at the same time. Faculty members who teach online can also take advantage of this scheduling flexibility to balance teaching and their own personal obligations, as well as professional duties such as research, service, and mentoring students. The prospect for both teachers and students to work from home allows for transportation-related cost and time-saving.

Reviewing Material

It is always a little difficult to comprehend subjects in one go. The online classes allow reviewing the same lecture for a greater understanding of students. They can often re-watch recorded lectures, repeat exercises, re-read peer discussion comments, and take the time they need to master concepts, which could be particularly advantageous for English language learners; and for those who are struggling in a particular subject; and students with various family responsibilities.

Fliplearn – Best Online Study Platform

Now that we know that the online tuitions and teachers are gaining pace in the educational arena, it is equally important for you to understand as parents that no matter how well you feel your child does in his class, there is always a scope of upskilling him/her for greater possibilities in life.

The online teacher can benefit your child in this competitive era with better grades in their exams. Today, each one of us seeks the opportunity to excel, similarly, our children deserve that chance too. Fliplearn Online Classes is a revolutionary platform for school children, which has subject-wise content and offers classes for all boards, inclusive of CBSE, ICSE, state, and central. With world-class digital resources, we offer a helping hand to simplify your concepts and increase your knowledge.

With our gamified quizzes comprising of over 2.5 lakh questions as well as 2D & 3D animated videos to make your learning experience fun, we help you challenge your peers and indulge in healthy competition. This helps us make the learning process interactive as well as enjoyable.

You can reach out to us at our official website: and register your child with our online study platform. We also provide free counseling for your child and help him realize his/her strength.

Visit our website and join the force to change the face of education in the times to come.

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