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Fliplearn is an award-winning e-learning app designed to supplement a child’s learning. Every student has their own style and pace of learning, difficulty levels and the approach to solving it.

Fliplearn’s personalized learning experience aided by visuals, 2D and 3D videos, interactive content and stories offer children a quicker and more engaging method, a deeper understanding of fundamentals and better application of conceptual theories. The gamified quizzes, tests, assignments and mind maps help in long-term retention of learning while also making the process fun and competitive.
Fliplearn is a 21-century homework assistance & learning platform that offers a unique learning interface to address the needs of students. Our platform offers students a fun & comprehensive learning experience that focuses on helping students understand, not memorize.
With the Fliplearn app, students can learn, practice, test and compete without parents having to overspend and also compete with their friends to check on their progress.

Fliplearn is a learning platform that can be operated on any device – a laptop, tab, phone or even a home computer. All the content is mapped to the school's curriculum, subject wise and class wise from classes Nursery to XII. As a personalized app, it allows you to learn at your own pace and customize your study content as per your preference. Whether it is a video or a quiz, you can access the content according to your need, any number of times, making it is convenient to match your pace of learning. Moreover, it gives you access to content from one class above and below free of cost, should you need a more advanced difficulty level or go back a step to clear-up fundamentals.

It is true that if you watch, engage through assessments and collaborate while learning, you understand the concept much better than just reading and understanding. Fliplearn has created high quality digital content to simplify your concepts and clear your doubts with more than 19000 videos on hundreds of topics in both 2D and 3D. Some of the other digital resources which help you memorize and revise are concept maps, synopsis, gamified quizzes and assignments. With more than 2.5 lakh questions along with high definition videos, Fliplearn makes your learning experience not only fun but interactive as well, as you can challenge your friends & be more confident of your progress

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