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Launched in the year 2015, Fliplearn is an award-winning Online Learning Transformation System that is aimed at helping schools redefine their teaching and learning processes. With an array of exclusive features, the Fliplearn LTS aims to increase learning outcomes of students by 50% and reduce teacher workload by 50%. Today we enjoy the patronage of more than 400 schools, 18,000+ teachers and 4,00,000 students across 26 Indian states. Fliplearn’s vision is to impact over 1 billion homework assignments given each day in India. The novel and unprecedented ‘Learning Transformation System’ also aims to revolutionize the way homework and assessments are presently created, assigned, attempted, graded, and shared with and by the students.

While the various aspects of education – curriculum, instruction and assessment have been amply impacted by the Ed Tech solutions, homework continues to be a monotonous and boring aspect in the lives of teachers and students. Fliplearn’s LTS aims to invigorate this aspect and present intricate data points and detailed analytics on a child’s day-to-day performance and enable teachers to plough this feedback almost instantly on an everyday level without adding to their workload while reducing their mundane tasks drastically.

Fliplearn LTS provides a solution to the common concerns of parents, students, and teachers in relation to learning and homework. This revolutionary system seeks to eliminate the associated stress and resistance while making the learning journey more fun and enjoyable for all the stakeholders.

Key Features of Fliplearn’s Learning Transformation System

For Schools/ Teachers

  • Assign homework in one click
  • Detailed student learning and activity profile
  • World-Class curated content repository
  • Conduct assessments and live classes
  • Automated Grading and homework Correction
  • Smart annotation feature for posting remarks
  • Question bank of over 2.5 Lakh questions
  • Performance dashboards to measure a student's progress
  • Reports & Analytics to indicate student wise, subject wise and class wise performance
  • Collated dashboards and automated reports for school management
  • Fully secured cloud space for online homework/ assessment management

For Students/ Parents

  • Personalized learning assistance
  • Curated content mapped as per academic curriculum for all boards and subjects
  • In depth student learning and activity profile to assess learning outcomes
  • Adaptive learning as per your own learning style and pace
  • Individual Performance dashboard to monitor performance in each subject, and chapter
  • Integrated dashboards for parental monitoring of a child's progress
  • Automated reports
  • Gamified Quizzes for learning & assessment
  • Notice board feature for viewing all updates from school
  • Timely intimation on all school activities
  • Hassle free homework submission through Fliplearn’s LTS platform
  • Intuitive alerts for a better homework management

The specially curated content repository from Fliplearn is sourced from the world class players in the education industry. It is true that if you watch, engage through assessments, and collaborate while learning, you understand the concept much better than just reading and understanding. Featuring myriad resources ranging from 2D /3D animated videos, gamified quizzes, real life applications, mind maps, interactive worksheets and many more, students can refer to around 19,000+ academic videos and 10,000+ learning aids for a better conceptual clarity and fostering a deeper understanding of fundamentals. The gamified quizzes not only enhance a child’s learning experience making it fun and interactive but makes it equally competitive for students as they can compete against their friends and be more confident of their progress.

Fliplearn Education is founded by Ms. Divya Lal, a revolutionary educationist, and a visionary leader. A leading icon in the EdTech industry, Ms. Lal is passionate about providing access to quality education and innovative solutions that seek to bring about a change in our present teaching and learning systems. The firm is headquartered in Gurugram, India.

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