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Transforming Homework Delivery In India

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Homework Transformation System

Transforming Homework Delivery

in India for Teachers, Students & Parents with Data, Automation & Analytics

Benefits for Teachers:
  • Assign homework in one click
  • Pre set customizable homework made by experts
  • Automated Correction, plagiarism check
  • Adapts homework as per students learning pace
  • Easy to identify academic strength and weaknesses of students
  • Analytics for each student, subject-wise
  • Detailed reports and diagnostic for all classes & an individual student progress
Benefits for Students:
  • Assists the child while doing the homework with the right learning material
  • Adaptive homework as per the learning needs of the student
  • Makes homework a pleasurable experience
  • More efficient and tech savvy
  • Reports for parents and school management

Fliplearn Prime – Personalised Homework Assistance

An app for students from class KG-12


All Classes

All Subjects

Gamified Quizzes

Performance Dashboard

Anytime Anywhere Access

Free content for 2 Grades

Organised Study Plan

Study from Assigned Content

How Fliplearn Edge HTS

makes homework more progressive for teachers


No surprise that teachers and Principals from well-known schools have appreciated the impact made by Fliplearn on Homework Transformation System:

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