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Educational Software

Gone are the days when students are dependent on physical classes, and education is only limited to school and books. Nowadays, people are using various educational software to earn degrees and certificates. Due to the rapid advancement of technology, education has adopted the digital revolution like many other sectors. There are different kinds of educational software in the market, be it managing day-to-day operations of the school, delivering lectures to the students virtually or conducting exams. Educational software is good to go for all these services.

Few schools were using educational software before the Covid-19 pandemic. It gained its importance during the Corona pandemic when millions of students were learning virtually through software and educational app. Teachers also delivered thousands of lectures and conducted exams using educational software due to the lockdown. Many ed-tech companies, like Educomp, Byju's, Udemy, Unacademy, and Coursera, gained prominence during the lockdown.

Know About Educational Software

Educational software is generally referred to as all reference software, tutorial software and desktop publishing software made for educational purposes. Educational software caters to all, be it a purpose for self-learning, teaching or managing day-to-day operations. It is used to increase education's effectiveness and efficiency both for the source and the receiver. 'Educational software' refers to everything, including student information systems, learning management systems, software for learning foreign languages, and software for reference assessment.
The ultimate aim of the educational app/software is to assist in smoothening the process of delivering lectures, managing & monitoring self-learning. It makes learning engaging and immersive for students and teachers and makes collaboration and management much easier.

Why Use Educational Software?

Education software is beneficial for students of all ages, particularly young children. Educational software adds more value to the student's curriculum by clearing doubts through animations and one-on-one interaction. It also helps to establish a better management system for the school's administration. It is a perfect tool for teachers, which will help them improve students' productivity and allow them to assess their performance.

Trends of Education Software in 2022

Educational software keeps on growing with the latest technology updates. The latest trends in education software are

After Covid-19, educational software has gained importance like never before. As per research by the American institute, educational software has increased the retention rates from 25 to 60%. The eLearning market is also growing rapidly, and more people prefer online courses over offline.

Future-Ready Skills
The world and the economy are growing exponentially. Hence, students must keep themselves updated with the latest technology and trends. The oncoming economy will be a skills economy, and the education system should prepare the students for future requirements.

Micro and Nano Learning
The education industry has focussed on micro and nano-learning approaches. Because educational software has focussed on a self-learning approach, users can find lectures and lessons in bits which allows them to learn at their own pace. It is an effective methodology in practice in 2022.

Digital Assessment
It is a unique feature of educational software which allows the students to assess their learning and manage accordingly. Traditionally students were assessed via theoretical end-term exams, but due to technological innovation, now students can evaluate themselves with the help of test series, quizzes and evaluative games. Furthermore, the evaluation will shift toward experiments and practicality rather than theoretical in the coming years.

Blockchain Technology
Blockchain technology has brought a revolutionary change in all sectors. It helps in delivering a transparent, decentralized and secure learning ecosystem. It allows the learner to connect with the relevant courses, practitioners and teachers. It helps in programming, managing and delivering the courses and lessons with real-time measurement.

We all know about entertainment, but do you know about edutainment? It's a term for educational games that help learn lessons and concepts through games and animation. It is a creative concept to encourage prep children to remain hooked to learning lessons. Various graphic software are developed to create educational games for students.

Benefits of Educational Software

Undoubtedly, educational software's main benefit is to ease the teaching and learning process. It offers numerous ways of learning through games, quizzes, video lessons, live lectures etc. It allows students to connect with their classmates and teachers virtually and have complete control over their activities. Every student has a different pace of learning, and educational software not only allows them to learn at their own pace but also helps them increase their learning speed. The following benefits of educational software are

  • Education software is beneficial for students suffering from disabilities; a blind student can easily learn from audio lectures, and a deaf student can learn from videos and subtitles. These students require their own pace to learn things.
  • Nowadays, children spend most of their time in front of screens, be it computer or mobile screens. Their engagement with educational software will boost their interest and may speed up and improve their learning
  • Educational software allows parents to monitor their children's performance virtually and more efficiently. Parents do not have to sit with their children to check if they are studying or not or their performance.
  • Children exposed to technology from a young age strengthen their foundation and prepare them for the future.

Popular Education Software Categories

The popular types of educational software at Fliplearn are

Learning Management Systems

The learning management system by Fliplearn is an educational software which delivers educational content to students through distance education and classroom learning. It allows teachers to provide virtual lessons and manage their student's progress through analytics and learning charts.

The benefits of a Learning Management System are

1. Personalized Approach to Every Student - Every student has their own learning pace and understanding of the concepts. It allows the teacher to provide a tailored learning experience which is difficult in traditional classes.

2.Increase Student Engagement- A common scenario in the classroom is that weak students avoid participating in discussions and Q/A sessions. LMS helps to eradicate this obstacle between teachers and students through forums, blogs and chat boxes.

3. Analyse Data- The LMS allows the teacher to track their student's activities and engagement through charts and the activities participation in the software.

4. Enhances Parental Role- Parents can also monitor their children's performances and progress through the LMS progress report card.

Student Information Systems (SIS)

This Student Information System helps to manage students' database & profiles and stores their records in the school database. It is an effective educational software which helps in day-to-day school operations.

Classroom Management Software

The teacher can manage student activities and classroom participation through educational software. It manages each student's attendance and learning growth virtually with blockchain technology.

Assessment Software: The assessment software allows the teachers to assess their teaching methodology and students learning progress through the virtual assessments. It shows the personalized graph of each student with their strength and pointers they need to work on to improve their performance.

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