Technology has impacted industries, trading and markets globally. Whether it’s a personal or a career front, it has brought a huge transformation into our lives. If we look at education industry, it has undergone prevalent changes. E-learning is the new trend of education. It has broken all the boundaries to conduct teaching – learning sessions worldwide. E-learning is a continuous process. It doesn’t bring a pause into the learning process even if a person moves within country or overseas. E-learning facilitates a student the chance to study at any place and at any time, according to the needs.

Let’s understand the benefits of e-learning for students and teachers in detail:

1. Instant delivery of lessons: Unlike traditional classroom teaching method, e-learning mode has relatively quick delivery cycles. Around 60% of time gets reduced in e-learning. The lesson starts quickly and a topic gets easily wrapped within a few days or weeks. As e-learning process can easily take place from the comfort of own place without travelling, teachers and students can easily try completing the whole topic at their own pace. Instead of following the rigid structure of conventional classrooms, teachers and learners can decide their speed by own. This saves much time and smoothen the teaching – learning process.

2. Minimal textbooks usage: Another advantage of e-learning is that it requires almost no textbook. Teachers and students don’t need to attend the lectures having textbook in hand.  All the information can be easily accessed online, without any restrictions. e-learning material can easily get updated number of times, unlike textbooks which have to be reissued again when they become obsolete. Other relevant information related to topics can also be easily accessed by surfing online. Teachers can also refer various videos to the student to build better grasp over the topic. e-learning is the best way to build clarity of concepts.

3. Better rapport: During traditional classes, there is always a barrier between teachers and students to interact freely. Students hesitate to ask questions as they get conscious with the presence of other students. Teachers are also not able to attend the queries of students due to lack of time. With e-learning, extra classes can be easily organized as per the convenient time of both students and teachers. These classes help fruitful to solve the doubts of students. This builds a better rapport between students and teachers.

4. Cost efficiency: In comparison to conventional form of learning,e-learning is much cost effective. Cost of traveling, course materials and infrastructure totally get eliminated. There is no need to invest into special equipment, tools and any other learning resources. Students and teachers have to simply log in to the portal and e-learning process can easily get started.

5. Interactive way of learning: e-learning ensures an interactive teaching – learning process which keeps the interest of both students and teachers into the online sessions. Carrying out the learning program on blackboards and whiteboards has become quite monotonous; however e-learning arouses interest among the participants to explore different platforms and tools to keep the learning spirit alive.

6. 24×7 accessibility: Students and teachers remain unbound from the shackles of time and place. Good technological mediums like laptop, computer or tablet with strong wi-fi connection assist a lot into learning process whenever wherever. Students and teachers can interact face-to-face without necessarily planning it long before.

7. Availability of a lot of formats: e-learning lectures can be conducted on different platforms, like – PowerPoint, chatboards, audio files, animations etc. to take the lecture in the right direction and captivate audiences for a longer period of time. This also helps retain the concept on a long term basis.

8. Centralized student database: With e-learning, teachers can save all the relevant data related to students in a centralized system that keeps the information safe.  All the students’ personal details, assignments details, payment structures and other learning activities easily get saved in the database. Students can also access all the important information online giving no room for confusion.

9. Performance tracking gets simpler: E-learning offers best tools to track students’ progress. The reporting and analytical tools allow teachers to see the graph of students, whether it’s going up or down. The software provides the full report in terms of calculation within minutes. The performance tracking tools also help students to analyze their weak areas and start working on them as soon as possible.

10. Sustain consistency in classes: Another advantage of e-learning is that it helps sustain consistency in classes. Be it a bad weather or sick health, the online classes can be easily arranged and doesn’t ruin the planned schedule. So, it’s quite clear that e-learning is the best mode of learning for gen next teachers and students. It brings much flexibility and let people choose their path and navigate at their own pace. E-learning has a huge scope in coming future; it’s time to embrace its advantages and balance the learning process.

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