Homework app for teachers

Many schools, their staff, teachers, students, and parents have learned how digitisation is essential in education, especially during the last couple of years of the pandemic. With the digitisation of institutions, it's no wonder that planning and management are being digitised, using technologies such as a homework app for students. Sometimes schools must give students remote learning opportunities.

Here, Fliplearn can come to your rescue & caters for your learning needs. It is the best homework app. Fliplearn is a homework app for teachers that help schools & parents by providing a simple, online space accessible from school and home. Filplearn is an online practice and revision platform that makes learning fun for students. Thousands of pre-built questions, carefully picked by professional educators, are available for students to practise. Filplearn is an app that helps kids create their learning universe and allows parents and teachers to measure their progress using AI-generated data. Teachers can generate and assign homework to their students within seconds using the pre-built questions.

Importance of Homework in the Learning Process

-Improves memory: Students can review all of the things they learned in class while working on homework. It assists them in improving their memory and learning abilities.

-Students learn to manage their time well by spending most of their time on assignments. It steers children away from pointless hobbies such as watching television, talking on the phone or playing video games for long periods.

-Students grow self-reliant and confident when they complete their schoolwork without the assistance of a teacher or a buddy.

-It makes students more responsible. When students complete their homework daily, they understand that they must finish it. As a result, they become more responsible as individuals.

-Homework allows parents to keep track of their children's academic progress. Homework allows parents to participate actively in their children's education by allowing them to assess and track their development.

To instil all these above benefits, use the best learning app, Filplearn.Benefits of homework app for schools 

Benefits of homework app for schools

Filplearn provides the advantages of a digital classroom by making educational materials available and allowing teachers to update the classroom in real-time. It helps in making school content available to all parents and kids simultaneously.

- It makes learning enjoyable and distinctive. Teachers and institutions can personalise and curate educational materials for students and parents. The use of videos makes learning more enjoyable while motivating pupils to learn more quickly.

Every school educational happening is updated on the principal's dashboard. It helps them to monitor the school's performance & overall attendance. 

-It provided automated reports of every student to the school administration, which helps identify the student's weak points and work on those gaps. 

- Filplearn allows schools to eliminate paper use, making schools eco-friendly. Everything from schoolwork to school bulletins and exam evaluations is done digitally at the school. 

Benefits of homework app for teachers 

  • Teachers can create online homework assignments by utilising words, photos, videos, and links to other resources.
  • The homework app saves teachers valuable time. They can reuse homework and even assign it ahead of time, publishing it as needed.
  • The homework app has an extensive question bank which contains objective & subjective questions.
  • The homework app helps teachers track students' progress with automated assessment, which allows them to identify their students' gaps & weak points. 

Benefits of homework app for students

  • It saves resources. Teachers can assign homework to their pupils digitally using the homework feature, eliminating the need for stationery or other materials. It saves time and resources by manually removing the need to record assignments in each student's school diary.
  • It helps in time management. Using the homework app, students can prioritise different subjects' homework and their due date. It also helps them focus on each topic and manage their time better.
  • It helps students track their progress through automated assessment and allows them to look into their gaps & weak points.
  • Students can update their completion status for each homework assignment using the homework app. Teachers can see if a student has completed their task or if it is still outstanding. Teachers will be able to see who is struggling with the assignment this way. 

All these advantages make Fliplearn the best learning app for teachers & students both.

Fliplearn – More than just a homework app We have heard from the schools. We understand their frustrations with homework apps and have dedicated ourselves to creating one that meets their needs. The main goal of the homework app is productivity & making education more accessible & fun. It's the best homework app for teachers & students.


What is a Homework App? 

Homework apps are mobile applications that assist teachers in creating and managing homework. Creating and organising assignments, keeping track of scores, and analysing student progress are simple with the appropriate app. The best homework app for teachers & students is Filplearn to meet their educational demands. 

Which is the best app for teachers? 

The best homework app for teachers is Fliplearn. It helps them to assign & monitor homework for students in a unique & fun way. 

How do I keep track of my homework assignment? 

Filpearn is the best homework app for keeping track of your assignment. It has an advanced AI that tracks & monitors your assignment and gives automated progress reports. 

How can I use it for our school? 

You can use Fliplearn to monitor the school's performance by getting automated progress reports and keeping track of the school's overall attendance, making it the best homework app for teachers. 

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