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Sample papers, board questions & NCERT solutions

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Gamified quizzes to make learning fun

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Concept maps for memory and IQ development

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Lab experiments & real life applications

Demo Videos

Maths Addition of Numbers

EVS The Amazing World of Animals

English Using ‘a’ and ‘an’

Science Functions of our Body Parts

Maths Calender

EVS Neighbourhood Services

English Action Verbs

Science Water Forms, Properties and Use

Maths Making Picture Graphs

English ‘Adjectives Describing Places and Things

Science Day and Night Cycle

 Social Studies Urban Administration

Science Photosynthesis

English Adverbs of Time

Science Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Social Studies Natural Resources

Mathematics Comparing Angles

English Changing Sentences from Singular to Plural

Science Bones and Muscles

Mathematics Factors and Multiples

Social Science Ruling The Empire

Science Filtration

Science Electric Conductors and Insulators

Science The amazing process of Photosynthesis

Science Physical and Chemical Changes

Social Science Women’s Movement

Science Clinical Thermometer

English Active and Passive Voice

Mathematics Area of a Circle

Science Natural Indicators

Science Transfer of Heat (Conduction)

Social Science Mineral Resources

Science Metals are Good Conductors of Electricity

English Simple Present Tense

Science Reflection of Light and its Laws

Science Metals and Non Metals (Reaction with Oxygen)

Science Animal cell

Science Study of the Root Tip of the Onion

Social Science Commercial Forestry in India

Mathematics Circle Through Three Points

Science Structure of neuron

Mathematics Volume of a Cylinder

Science Archimedes’ Principle

Social Science Rainwater Harvesting in India

Mathematics Area Related to Circles

Science Electric Motor

Mathematics Roots and Discriminant

Science Magnetic Field due to a Current Carrying Circular Coil

Science Nephron (Structure and functions)

Biology Anatomy of Roots

Mathematics Points in a Three Dimensional Space

Physics Bernoulli’s Principle

Chemistry Types of Hybridization in Organic Compounds

Physics Angular Momentum

Mathematics Conics an Overview

Biology Packaging of a DNA Helix

Chemistry Concentration of Ores

Maths Scalar Product of Two Vectors

Mathematics Plane and its Equation

Biology Protein synthesis (Translation)

Physics Motion of Charge in a Magnetic Field

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