Millennium eSchool

The Millennium E School is the first of its kind virtual school in India . We work in partnership with the child and parent to ensure that they are supported to fulfill their potential at all stages of their education and to give them the best opportunity for holistic development . Millennium E School has India’s best and most experienced teachers who make sure that the child’s educational success is a top priority in their personalized teaching approach . We use Fliplearn technology and a holistic approach to enhance the learning experience of young-minds. Live classes and home-based assignments for practicing. The virtual school has a parent dashboard detailing the learning journey of every child .

The Millennium E-School is set out with a vision to take the culture of after-school studies to a new high. It is committed to nurture young minds irrespective of place, distance or language.

After school study time is just as important as in school study time. A good facilitator and mentor after school can not only help the learners to master concepts but also develop in them good self-study skills. This encourages him/her to aim for a higher goal and strategically achieve it. With our strong sense of culture and affinity for innovation, we believe in aspiring our partners to explore more, dive deeper in knowledge and become the future leaders.

The Millennium E School is backed by a strong R&D and beautifully blends the best pedagogic practices of the Millennium Learning System followed successfully in ‘The Millennium Schools’ and the latest technological expertise of Fliplearn. The multiple modes of teaching and learning used in The Millennium eschool is sure to appeal to all stakeholders alike.

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