Fliplearn Edge is a virtual learning tool for learning institutions to help guide, monitor and evaluate a student’s learning even when the child is at home. Our features have been curated to give schools and teachers complete control of their students’
learning and to offer students a fun and interactive learning experience.

Assign Content and Homework, Both Objective & Subjective

Teachers can access all of Fliplearn’s content that features study material mapped to every board .They can use this content to assign their class homework virtually. Not just that they can even record their own videos , or send external links and videos
through the platform

Virtual Classes to enable human connect

Teachers can give virtual classes to students from their own homes to the students home through the inbuilt feature in Fliplearn Edge

Create Custom Questions Banks

Fliplearn features over 250,000 unique questions from sample papers, board exams and award winning study material. Teachers can pick and choose questions to test their students on every topic.

Create Unique Tests

With our vast question banks, teachers can pick and choose questions from different chapters in a subject to create multiple varieties of tests. They can even create their own tests with a wide range of assessment options to choose from including MCQs, objective type, subjective type , essay type, match the following and many more .

Create Unique Study Notes

Teachers know their students better than anyone else. Which is why Fliplearn for School allows teachers to write/record their own reference material in a manner that
suits their class’ learning style.

Review Student & Class Performances

Fliplearn for School allows school teachers to virtually monitor and review every student, as well as entire class performances. Specialized performance dashboards are available for the same.

Restrict Access To Content

If a teacher feels access to certain content is not needed or if the said content has been removed from the curriculum, teachers have the ability to restrict access to the same.She even has the control to restrict access to further topics till the previous ones have been finished or tests have been taken with minimum required marks.

Personalize learning by creating groups

If a teacher feels the need , she can create multiple groups within the class which can help her personalize homework/study material/ assessments for a group’s specific requirement.

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