CBSE Syllabus for Class 2

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is a national level educational board in India. CBSE is controlled and managed by Union Government of India. All the CBSE affiliated schools follow NCERT curriculum. It is one the most preferred educational boards in India with approximately 19, 527 schools affiliated to it.

CBSE syllabus is strictly based on NCERT guidelines. The syllabus is a list of topics to be covered in a particular grade during an academic year. All the national level entrance examinations are based on CBSE syllabus.

Fliplearn provides detailed subject-wise syllabus for CBSE Class 1 to Class 12. You must have a thorough understanding of this syllabus before you begin your preparation.

Have a look at the CBSE syllabus for class 2 below:



Shapes and Spatial UnderstandingIdentifying the basic 3-D shapes by their names,

Tracing the 2-D outlines of 3-D objects,

Identifying 2-D shapes by their names,

Identifying and making straight lines,

Drawing horizontal, vertical and slant lines,

Distinguishing between straight and curved lines,

Identifying objects by observing their shadows

NumbersReading and writing numerals for numbers up to 99,

Counting and regrouping objects into tens and ones,

Using the concept of place value

Counting in various ways

Addition and SubtractionAddition and subtraction of two digit numbers,

Approaching zero though addition and subtraction,

Solving addition, subtraction problems based on pictures and verbal description

Preparation for Multiplication and DivisionDiscussing situations involving repeated addition and situations involving equal sharing
Mental ArithmeticAddition and subtraction of  single digit numbers mentally,

Addition and subtraction of multiples of ten mentally

MoneyIdentifying currency – notes and coins,

Putting together amounts of money not exceeding

Rs 50/-,

Adding and subtracting small amounts of money mentally,

Transacting an amount using 3-4 notes

MeasurementLengthMeasuring lengths & distances along short & long paths

using uniform units

WeightComparing two or more objects by their weight,

Comparing weights of given objects using simple


Capacity (Volume)Comparing and ordering containers
TimeGetting familiar with the days of the week and months of the year,

Sequencing the events occurring over longer periods

Data HandlingCollecting and representing data,

Drawing inferences from the data

PatternsObserving, extending and searching patterns,

Creating block patterns,

Creating patterns of regular shapes by stamping

The syllabus of English at Level I (class 1 and class 2) revolves around the following parameters:

  1. Building familiarity with the language primarily through spoken input
  2. Listening with understanding and basic oral production
  3. Reciting and singing poems, songs and rhymes
  4. Becoming visually familiar with text [word(s)]
  5. Associating meaning with written/printed language

Following chapters or topics are taught to class 2 students as a part of English syllabus

  1. First Day at School
  2. I am Lucky!
  3. A Smile
  4. Rain
  5. Zoo Manners
  6. Nobody
  7. On My Background I Can Draw
  8. I Am the Music Man
  9. Granny Granny Please Comb My Hair
  10. Strange Talk
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