Software/Sr Software Engineer

Required Skills :

  • Strong in DS and Algo    
  • Problem Solving should be good.             
  • Should be able to work in PHP, Angular.    
  • Should have good fundamentals of MVC, REST, Service based  architecture, MySql
  • Should have good understanding of NoSql databases.
  • Should be able to devlop a module based on understanding of requirements from front end to backend
  • Should be able to include NFRs (like performance, scaling, access controls, security etc) in implement
  • Be able to critically evaluate requirements, even proposed implementations to make sure code is developed without lot of bugs
  • It will also be expected that you do the development and QA both.
  • Be able to manually test and deploy in production           



  • Development of Backend systems          
  • Development of Frontend (given an HTML)        
  • QA other developers’ API and front end pieces for bugs               
  • Design modules wrt API request/response, MySql tables (and indexes etc), NoSql implementations
  • Manage a team of Software & Sr. Software Engineers


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