Java Developer

Job Responsibilities & Skills:

  • Development of Backend systems
  • Development of Frontend (given an HTML)
  • QA other developers’ API and front end pieces for bugs
  • Design modules wrt API request/response, MySql tables (and indexes etc), NoSql implementations
  • Strong in Data Structure and Algorithms
  • Problem Solving should be good.
  • Should be able to work in JAVA (Spring / Hibernate), PHP, Angular5.
  • Should have good fundamentals of MVC, REST, Service based  architecture, MySql.
  • Should have good understanding of design patterns.
  • Should have good understanding of NoSql databases especially MongoDB.
  • Sound knowledge of Android & IOS.
  • Should be able to develop a module based on understanding of requirements from front end to backend.
  • Should be able to include NFRs (like performance, scaling, access controls, security etc) in implement.
  • Be able to critically evaluate requirements, even proposed Implementations to make sure code is developed without lot of bugs
  • It will also be expected that you do the development and QA both.
  • Be able to manually test and deploy in production.
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Mr. Sharad Awasthi

I.T.B.H.U. & IIM

Mr. Charanjit Singh has perused M.Sc in Physics Solid States from Delhi University, in Economics from Annamalai University & MBA in Business Administration from Symbiosis University. An enthusiastic and entertaining teaching style and proven track record of students getting good grades makes him one of the most favorite teachers of Delhi. He has taught various schools and the top institutes focusing on JEE,NEET and NTSE. More than 20 years of experience in teaching physics, he has been able to help the students to inculcate interest in physics despite the level of difficulty faced in the subject. With immense knowledge and experience he has created various strategies and tricks for the students to learn physics concepts with ease. He has imparted knowledge to more than 3000 students across the country. More than 500 students have been able to crack the competitive exams.