Engineering Manager

Functional Responsibilities & Skills:

  • Architecture/Design the tech stack
  • Code reviews: Setting code (Rest, services) standards, table design standards etc
  • Release planning
  • Envision a complete feature/product from scratch in terms of APIs, UI changes.
  • Be able to guide teams in developing individual pieces and be able to integrate it together.
  • Write use cases and plan changes.
  • Plan testing in dev team and deliver build on time.
  • Plan non-functional requirements like scale, load, data migration etc.
  • Co-ordinate with QA to get releases done.

Leadership Skills:

  • Must be a leader by example. If you say something, you follow it yourself.
  • Be able to enthuse team members to take up a challenge/personal weakness.
  • Be able to challenge, criticize others as much as accept the same for oneself.
  • Be open to changes, in working style to technology choices.
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