Engineering Manager

Functional Responsibilities & Skills:

  • Architecture/Design the tech stack
  • Code reviews: Setting code (Rest, services) standards, table design standards etc
  • Release planning
  • Envision a complete feature/product from scratch in terms of APIs, UI changes.
  • Be able to guide teams in developing individual pieces and be able to integrate it together.
  • Write use cases and plan changes.
  • Plan testing in dev team and deliver build on time.
  • Plan non-functional requirements like scale, load, data migration etc.
  • Co-ordinate with QA to get releases done.

Leadership Skills:

  • Must be a leader by example. If you say something, you follow it yourself.
  • Be able to enthuse team members to take up a challenge/personal weakness.
  • Be able to challenge, criticize others as much as accept the same for oneself.
  • Be open to changes, in working style to technology choices.
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Mr. Sharad Awasthi

I.T.B.H.U. & IIM

Mr. Charanjit Singh has perused M.Sc in Physics Solid States from Delhi University, in Economics from Annamalai University & MBA in Business Administration from Symbiosis University. An enthusiastic and entertaining teaching style and proven track record of students getting good grades makes him one of the most favorite teachers of Delhi. He has taught various schools and the top institutes focusing on JEE,NEET and NTSE. More than 20 years of experience in teaching physics, he has been able to help the students to inculcate interest in physics despite the level of difficulty faced in the subject. With immense knowledge and experience he has created various strategies and tricks for the students to learn physics concepts with ease. He has imparted knowledge to more than 3000 students across the country. More than 500 students have been able to crack the competitive exams.