“Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.”

— John Crosby

Imagine having someone in your life who sees more talent and ability in you than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you. Many a times you might bewilder with a pool of career options available to you. You may find everything interesting and suitable or on the contrary you may find nothing that matches your interests. It is in such situations where a mentor can help you.

A mentor does not need to be a particular person. It can be anybody, a teacher, parent, friend or any acquaintance. Mentor provides guidance and support keeping your interests, abilities, skills and talents in mind. Many of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and leaders credit mentors for their success.

A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself and thus can have a lasting impact in a student’s life.

Having a mentor can benefit you in a number of ways some of which are listed below.

1. Career Guide
Deciding the best suitable career when in school is perhaps the toughest decision of that time. It is not unusual for students to be indecisive about a career choice. A mentor would share his/her skills, knowledge and expertise with you and help you set career goals.

As a mentor is well aware of your abilities and interests, strengths and weaknesses, he/she guides you to the best fit career option. A mentor can help you decide what to do after school looking out for your best interest. A mentor helps you come out of your comfort zone and make an ideal career choice by not letting fear of failure hold you back.

2. Enhanced Self Esteem and Self Confidence
School life is all about assignments, tests, plenty of exams and long hours of study. When following such a routine, you often land in a situation where you need a boost or someone who can guide you to re-built your confidence and give you courage. A mentor would always keep your self esteem and self confidence up to keep you going.

Instilling confidence and making sure that you are always self assured is what a mentor does. Having someone who keeps you motivated in a rigid and monotonous schedule is nothing less than blessing. A mentor assists you in making good decisions about yourself which enhance your value rather than break it down.

3. Acknowledges Your Shortcomings and Helps You Overcome Them
Acknowledging shortcomings is both empowering and essential. But it is also a fact that acknowledging shortcomings is challenging. If you want to be among the toppers it is very essential for you to know what is weighing you down. Quite often we fail to figure out our flaws or what is stopping us from reaching the next level of excellence. A mentor figures this out for you.

A mentor makes you aware of weaknesses or shortcomings that might be acting as a hindrance in achieving excellence. A mentor not only points out your shortcomings but also, helps you eliminate them. Working with him/her to find ways to make you better is invaluable.

4. Develops Your Strengths
Being aware of your strengths and developing them is as important as acknowledging your shortcomings. You are well aware of what you are good at but a mentor helps you know about your assets which you are unaware of. Strengths keep growing and developing and if you don’t put efforts for it, they might no longer remain strengths.

A mentor’s perspective helps you acknowledge some areas that aren’t currently strengths but could be. Mentors can help you identify areas that you can work on, making you stronger.

5. Decision Making in Difficult Situations
Apart from career, there are numerous situations when you feel the need for someone who understands your concern and guides you in that moment of baffle. It might be an academic issue or even personal. A mentor is the best person you can approach in such a situation. He/she would have a different outlook to the situation thus lending you an advice that might have never crossed your mind. A mentor’s support is available even for the things you cannot share with others.

In addition, a mentor also acts as a sounding board for you. You might be in a situation when you don’t necessarily need advice but someone to just talk it out. Talking to an impartial person is exactly what you need to gain a better perspective on the situation.

6. Gives You Opportunity to Create Yourself
Steven Spielberg said, “The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own imagebut giving them the opportunity to create themselves.” A mentor keeps you guided and influenced to help you reach your highest potential. He/she would never impose their aspirations on you but rather assist you grow for yourself. A mentor would always motivate you to achieve best out of your interests and aspirations.

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