Who is a student mentor?

Welcome to the Fliplearn Student Mentor Program

First of all a big congratulations - you have been especially selected by your teachers to be a part of this program!

This is a very exciting initiative started by Fliplearn to help students develop their communication and leadership skills -- skills absolutely necessary to be successful in life!

Role and Responsibilities

  • Post “Summary of the day” on Fliplearn wall
  • Start discussion on Fliplearn wall on the topics you study in class
  • Encourage your classmates to like and comment on posts
  • Provide your parents and classmates with Fliplearn ID’s and help them log on to Fliplearn
  • Assist your parents and teachers to download the Fliplearn mobile app


  • YOU get to wear a special badge on your uniform. (only a selected few from each class)
  • A certificate of mentorship on completing the program
  • And MOST importantly --- If you do all your duties you get to be “mentors of the month”
  • The mentor of the month will be eligible for special surprises and will be recognized on Fliplearn website for your parents, principal and classmates to see!


  • Build leadership skills
  • Improve communication skills
  • Learn the importance of being a brand mentor
  • Gain marketing skills
  • Personal and professional development


Your role as a student mentor?


Teachers, classmates and parents  by posting daily information on Fliplearn wall


Students online on the topic  studied  in class



All students, parents and teachers  on one platform by making them download the Fliplearn app


Resources for student mentor

How to create summary

How to create wall post

Data Validation - Student Mentor

Student Mentor Training Video

  • Certificate of Achievement



  • Badge of recognition



  • Recognition on Fliplearn Social Meida

  • Mentor of the Month!

    We will be running a fliplearn student mentor of the month contest every month!

    As a mentor you are expected to post summary of the day everyday. We track these summaries with #FSM and give the most points to students who are most regular in doing this task! (20 points per summary)

    Those students who complete their first task will only qualify for this honor - task one worth 50 points!

    One student will be chosen from each class. This student will get special prize and his or her name will be put on our website and social media page for all your principal, parents, students and teachers to see! A proud moment indeed.


Post summary of the day, everyday

Summary of the day is a paragraph on all the important announcements, homework, updates you received in school for your class/section. It could be from your class teacher, house master and assembly announcements!

What do YOU have to do?

Prepare a summary on everyday happening in school

The summary should start with “Hello classmates” and end hashtag #FliplearnStudentMentor or #FSM– only then we will be able to track your post for mentor points

The summary will contain the following:

  • Any announcements made in assembly/classroom
  • Any tests announced
  • The summary should also include the topics which were discussed and taught in class
  • Homework and projects given along with the submission date
  • Information on upcoming events along with any participants required

You HAVE to inform your classmates, teachers and parents that you will be posting summary of the day on Fliplearn wall. Here is a link of how to post summary of the day: https://goo.gl/8shFc3

Here is an example how to start and end the summary-

Hello Classmates!

Date: 1.10.2016
Subject: Chemistry
Topic studied: Carbon
Homework: Exercise 2.3
Due date: 5.10.2016
Announcement for next class: Read chapter 4

Some additional information:

  • You have to do this everyday
  • Ask your teachers if she wants to get any important information across to class Inform your classmates you will be posting summary on Fliplearn wall. Let them know they can like and comment on the post.

Mentor of the Month information:

  • First task is of 50 points
  • Each summary gives you 20 points

Mentor FAQ's

This program will polish your child’s leadership, interpersonal and team-building skills. As a result a well-rounded personality will contribute in all stages of your kids’ life.
No, this is completely free. They will also receive surprise gifts &Fliplearn merchandise on successful completion of activities
No it will not. Being a part of the program will in fact contribute towards more effective learning experience. As the activities will only take during free periods, zero periods, lunch breaks, etc.
A mentor who completes the designated task in the given timeline and responds to all communication on time will be adjudged as Mentor of the month.

For any query, e-mail us at FSM@fliplearn.com or contact at 1800 300 20350