Flipped Learning.

Flipped Learning is a teaching technique evolved by Aaron Sams and Jonathan Bergmann, two school teachers who realized that the traditional way of teaching their students did not provide them the desired results.

Aaron and Jonathan decided to flip the learning process - they flipped classroom lectures with hands-on problem solving sessions and homework with online lectures and web resources.

The result was extraordinary - not only did the students take greater responsibility for their own learning, they actually learnt more. This was because they were actively engaged in the classroom, solving problems and clarifying doubts.

Aaron and Jonathan quickly realized that their students were transforming into better learners when class time was used for coaching and mentoring, rather than lecturing.

Enter Fliplearn.

Fliplearn is a comprehensive learning and sharing platform that provides teachers and students with all the necessary resources and tools to flip the traditional method of teaching and learning.

Fliplearn allows teachers to use valuable classroom time for actual problem solving sessions and give personalized attention to their students. They can assign online resources from Fliplearn before the actual class for preparatory work or after the class for revision.

Fliplearn gives students access to all the relevant online resources to learn as well as revise concepts through a large online digital content library. Students can utilise their valuable classroom time to clear doubts or to engage in hands-on activities.


Fliplearn has a vast repository of 3D and 2D animations and videos, practice assignments, quizzes, topic summaries and web links for discovery and exploration


Fliplearn enables a rich collaborative learning environment for the school administration, students, teachers and parents

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Fliplearn includes dashboards to monitor student progress on each subject and complete access to school based performance and attendance reports

What are you waiting for?

As a teacher, you can become more effective by using online tools that enable you to spend more time coaching and mentoring your students.

As a student, you get to learn at your pace and take advantage of personalized time with your teachers in the class to solve your doubts and work through difficult concepts.

As an administrator, you enhance the quality of teaching and learning in your institution, and efficiently perform regular academic administration tasks.

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