About Us

A few things about us!

Fliplearn Education Private Limited

Fliplearn Education Private Limited (FEPL) is a company that aims to redefine 21st Century education with a focus on understanding the present and future education barriers, and evolving innovative solutions to address these problems. The vision is that of a transformative learning enabler including all the essential components that learners, teachers, parents and educators need to make an effective transition into new age learning.

Equipped with a powerful vision, the company is engaged in the business of education services, development of education products, and implementation of education solutions. FEPL encourages new modes of learning and developing path breaking applications and products. It also leverages information technology and the Internet to make the education system more effective. FEPL is ushering in the era of anytime, anywhere learning to break down the barriers to education. It recognizes that education is the most potent force for social change and is working to make it more effective with innovative use of new age education solutions.

Focus Areas

  • Focused on redressing imbalances in education and improving the quality of education, by imparting teaching in an interesting and enticing manner to motivate students to attend classes and thus improve student retention in their desire to learn.
  • Addressing an education ethos that recognizes the responsibility towards professional development of teachers, motivating teachers by equipping them with new age teaching tools that make teaching fun and rewarding.
  • Effective transaction of information using digital curriculum with engaging and instructionally sound design.
  • Create awareness amongst the community and use communication tools to affect peer to peer interaction and learning.
  • Make learning Fun and activity based inculcating values of doing things amongst learners.

FEPL has also developed an online subscription based, teaching and learning portal called fliplearn. Fliplearn is provided in two versions – Starter Pack and Full Pack. Fliplearn Starter Pack edition enables the school to have limited storage, emails and SMS.

Fliplearn Full Pack edition provides unlimited storage, emails and SMS. Content access for teachers is free. Students pay add-on annual subscription for content. Smart phone based apps are also be made available in conjunction with fliplearn. Teachers are key forces in tapping innovative learning opportunities and bridging the divide between marquee students and slow learners. Innovative education tools have had a profound impact on the roles of teachers in an information-intensive society. Computer aided learning is just one of the fun ways to learn. FEPL products are designed to make the present teaching learning process joyful, interesting and easy to understand.

Under the umbrella of Fliplearn Education Private Limited, we offer multifold services to enable learners and teachers reach excellence. From online educational solutions for different stakeholders to holistic child development through activities and toys, we help users to reflect on their current reality and reach the highest levels of effectiveness. With us the student can find opportunities for personal growth, self-discovery and fun. The solutions are designed to enable students to enhance their learning and help them build certain core skills so that they grow into responsible, contributing members of the society. Whether the student is a high achiever or is struggling with studies, Fliplearn Education Private Limited offers learning tools for achieving success that can last a lifetime.