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Learn through Fliplearn - the most acclaimed library of 3d and 2d video educational resources now at your fingertips!

  • the Fliplearn way of learning

    The smartclass content is so designed to help you explore concepts, test your comprehension and extend your learning through links on the Web.

  • Widest Coverage

    Fliplearn spans Pre-KG to Class 12 across all subjects. It covers the largest number of school boards including CBSE, ICSE, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and many more.

  • Rich video content

    Navigate hundreds of rich 2D and 3D videos to explore concepts being taught in class using the Smartclass content. These videos are organized topic-wise and are further divided into small easy-to-learn segments. Detailed information on each topic is provided, with attractive diagrams and pictures to help you visualize what you are learning.

  • Mathguru

    Mathguru is an innovative math-help program designed to provide step by step solutions using a pen and virtual notebook. Get 100/100 in Math through our 4-step Expert mathguru method that contains concept videos, solved examples, practice questions and tests.

  • My Classroom

    All assignments, messages and teacher resources for a subject made available at one place.

  • Previous Year Board Questions

    Previous year board questions provide an overview of exam pattern. Students can practice important and board questions of previous year to get focused approach towards board exams.

  • eye

    Sample Papers

    Students can get themselves prepared for final exam by practicing comprehensive sample papers. These help students to evaluate their performance before final exams. The solutions have also been provided.

  • Exercises

    Subjective and objective type tests are designed and developed by subject experts with different levels of difficulty. Each test comprises 15-20 questions to assess students' comprehension skills and problem-solving abilities. These questions also have accompanying solutions.

  • Topic synopsis

    For quick and easy revision of each topic, a synopsis covering key concepts is provided.

  • Web Links

    Our expert team has provided a repository of curated resources from the web for further exploration and elaboration.

  • Application Based Activities

    Chapter-wise individual and group activities with instructions, rubric, solutions and other supporting details have been provided for formative assessments.


Fliplearn enables rich collaboration between the school administration, students, teachers and parents

  • Wall

    View and share information, updates, opinions and resources. Get all notifications in one place!

  • Messages

    Send messages to students, parents, teachers and school administration.

  • Galleries

    Upload and share pictures for school and group events, academic activities and showcasing class projects.

  • Event Calendar

    Create and manage school and group based calendars. Associate galleries with Events.

  • Announcements

    Send important group messages online and through SMS.

  • Directories

    Easily view class addressbooks and communicate with students, teachers and parents instantly.


Improves teaching effectiveness and eases administrative tasks by providing teachers with the easy to use tools.

  • Assignments

    Create and assign homework assignments for students.

  • Attendance

    Manage class attendance and generate attendance reports

  • Marks and Report Cards

    Record marks and generate report cards for all your students.

  • Health Status

    Manage student health status for each annual checkup. Integrated with the Report Card.