Storytellers 3-5 years (3 month subscription)

Innovative activity-kits, educational toys and games for whole brain development in the formative year. A new themed kit shipped to your doorstep every month.

Product Code: GB20

INR 5,700

Genius Box is a library of activity kits with educational toys, games and learning tools for children of 2-7 years. Genius Box kits are designed to enrich and stimulate young minds and aid overall personality development for children. The kits consist of innovative Art & Craft activities, Science projects, Learning books, Math concepts, Social studies projects, Puzzles and Board games. We believe that playing is the best form of learning. Our mission is to build crucial skills, inculcate fearless learning and build a strong foundation through play activities, in the formative years of childhood.

Storytellers 3-5 years (3 month subscription)

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