CBSE - Class 11 - Scholar Pack

Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, English

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This pack provides rich multimedia animations and learning resources covering important topics from Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English. The pedagogical content opens doors for students to get involved into the learning process. The modules, rich in high-quality 3D and 2D animations and graphics, help students to not only have a better understanding of the subject but also retain it. This pack includes: Smartclass Rich Media Modules: 3D and 2D multimedia animations Q & A: Objective Type Tests, Practice Exercises, Sample Papers Revision: Topic Synopsis Web Links: For more information on topics Mathguru Videos: Step by Step solution to key concepts, Solved Examples and NCERT questions; and Practice Tests

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Table of Contents

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  1. The Living World 14 Resources
  2. Biological Classification 39 Resources
  3. Plant Kingdom 26 Resources
  4. Animal Kingdom 35 Resources
  5. Morphology Of Flowering Plants 44 Resources
  6. Anatomy Of Flowering Plants 25 Resources
  7. Structural Organisation In Animals 46 Resources
  8. Cell: The Unit Of Life 27 Resources
  9. Biomolecules 60 Resources
  10. Cell Cycle And Cell Division 19 Resources
  11. Transport In Plants 32 Resources
  12. Mineral Nutrition 26 Resources
  13. Photosynthesis In Higher Plants 37 Resources
  14. Respiration In Plants 25 Resources
  15. Plant Growth And Development 33 Resources
  16. Digestion And Absorption 22 Resources
  17. Breathing And Exchange Of Gases 24 Resources
  18. Body Fluids And Circulation 28 Resources
  19. Excretory Products And Their Elimination 36 Resources
  20. Locomotion And Movement 21 Resources
  21. Neural Control And Coordination 25 Resources
  22. Chemical Coordination And Integration 23 Resources
  23. Sample Papers 1 Resource

CBSE - Class 11 - Scholar Pack

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